Durbin confident Dems can pass infrastructure through reconciliation if needed

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Bipartisan deal making progress

President Joe Biden’s big ambitions are being met by big resistance.

Yet there’s hope for a rebound.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell promises to block Biden’s entire agenda.

That goes for the massive infrastructure package every red state and blue state needs.

Joe Biden offered to compromise from his $1.7 trillion proposal down to a trillion to get Republicans on board.

Talks broke down this week.

Now there could be a deal.

Biden’s early success getting his $2 trillion American Rescue Plan adopted is not being followed by more big victories — at least not quickly.

His American jobs plan to spend $1.7 trillion on wide-ranging infrastructure languishes in political partisan gridlock and pressure mounts for Congress to do something about cybersecurity.

We talked about that on this week’s 4 The Record with U.S. Senator Dick Durbin of Illinois.

President Biden wants his massive infrastructure package adopted.

Republicans don’t want anything to do with it if it means raising corporate taxes or taxes on high earners.

Durbin doesn’t have 60 votes to beat a filibuster and negotiations on a scaled back deal broke down, so he shared what he thinks can get passed.

Senator Joe Manchin seems to hold the key to the Democrats’ agenda.

He won’t go along with abandoning the filibuster.

The Senate Parliamentarian isn’t going along with the attempt to use the reconciliation process to avoid the filibuster rules either.

Durbin addressed how the Democratic Party will get any of its big priorities done and if he thinks Manchin will soften his stance.

Cybersecurity’s been a problem in this country for decades now.

It started with data breaches. Now we’ve seen infrastructure get hit with the Colonial Pipeline attack, the hit on JBS beef processing plants and a vendor on Capitol Hill got attacked by ransomware.

This impacts dozens of House offices.

Congress historically acts very slow to address high-tech threats.

Durbin discussed how he thinks this can be addressed legislatively.

Watch the full conversation in the video above.

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