A unanimous decision came from the Supreme Court this week. It’s nothing that impacts any of us directly  – it’s about the justices themselves and their agreement to be ethical. 

They officially adopted a formal or written code of ethics. 

The high court’s been under pressure for months after investigative journalists reported three of the justices accepted expensive gifts from wealthy donors – things like vacations, a home and a quarter-million-dollar recreational vehicle in one case. 

It’s a nine-page code of ethics followed by five pages of commentary to explain them. 

The code begins with a preamble explaining the rules really aren’t new, but the justices adopted them because of a misunderstanding that they acted like they had no restrictions. 

Creating a written code of ethics, the Supreme Court says, is the same as it has always been in what was simply considered an understanding drew immediate criticism. 

One of the most outspoken critics of the Supreme Court about the ethical conduct of the justices is Sen. Dick Durbin of Illinois, who joins host Jim Niedelman for a conversation from Washington, D. C.  

“They’re acting like they’re royalty …. I think that’s wrong. The American people deserve better,” Durbin said.

To hear what else Sen. Durbin has to say, click on the video.  

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