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We didn’t have enough time on 4 the Record to bring you all of Jim Niedelman’s conversation with Iowa state representatives Phyllis Thede and Gary Mohr.

We pick up our review of the legislative session with education spending.

Spending on public schools is always a contentious one. New spending will increase by 2.5 percent – that’s about $159 million in new money.

Democrats have been pushing for about 4.5 percent in recent years.

Gov. Reynolds failed in her attempt to pass vouchers for private schools. She claimed that would help Iowa reclaim its best-in-the-country status for public education.

“The reason why I opposed it was because you’re going to take a large portion of those dollars away from the public school system,” Thede said. “And that money does not come back if the student leaves. That money stays in the voucher program.”

“There were not enough votes in the Iowa House to support it,” Mohr said. “As a representative in Bettendorf and Pleasant Valley schools, I can’t in good conscience vote for something that takes $2,500 a student that was appropriated by the legislature and sends that out of my county, out of my district, to rural schools in rural Iowa.”

Hear what else they have to say in the video.

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