Ernst on Trump: ‘He wasn’t the ideal candidate for me’

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Senator Joni Ernst doesn’t always agree with the president. But she does take his side on some controversial issues.

This week she echoed a sentiment from the administration about allegations the government spied on the president.

We pick up our conversation from 4 The Record there. This is the second part of that interview. 


This week she went on the record with the administration’s talking point that the federal government spied on the president for political reasons.

Ernst discussed what evidence she has to make that claim.

Women’s rights

One area of legislation she’s been active in is promoting women’s rights, especially in the area of sexual assault.
The president infamously was recorded in the “Access Hollywood” tapes saying how he grabs women and will kiss them without their consent.

This type of behavior costs CEOs and other politicians their jobs.

Ernst explained how she squares that with her stance on the issue and defending the president.

Question of the week

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