Calls for a ceasefire between Hamas and Israel from the international community are falling on deaf ears between the two sides at war.

Thousands of innocent people in Gaza and Israel have been killed in the fighting so far. The Associated Press indicates it’s unable to verify the actual numbers.

Peace in the region, specifically a two-state solution, is an elusive goal since the establishment of Israel in 1948.

Hamas is recognized as a terrorist organization by the United States and proclaims in its charter that any compromise over the land is forbidden, and that Israel needs to be obliterated.

Israel’s mission now is to destroy Hamas after the surprise attack three weeks ago.

President Biden wants Congress to adopt a multi-faceted support package for Israel, Ukraine, border security and more combined.

Here’s that breakdown:.

His plan would provide more than $61 billion for Ukraine

  • $14 billion for Israel
  • $9 billion in humanitarian aid for Israel, Gaza and Ukraine
  • Support to counteract China almost $7.5 billion
  • $13.5 billion for border security.

There is some division on Capitol Hill about whether to support Israel in its war against Hamas and how much that support should be.

One of the most vocal supporters of Israel since Hamas carried out its surprise attack is Sen. Joni Ernst of Iowa. Host Jim Niedelman welcomes her back to talk about the situation.

“”We must stand united, shoulder to shoulder, with Israel,” Sen. Ernst said. “When it comes to Israel, this is one area where, between the House and the Senate, regardless of party, most people are 100 percent on board with Israel.”

To hear what else Sen. Ernst has to say, click on the video..

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