Feel the Freezer Bern with new Sanders’ campaign strategy

4 The Record

Vermont senator now open to advice offered four years ago on 4 the Record

Jim: I don’t know if you remember four years ago, I had a piece of advice for you that would help you win the nomination, but you didn’t follow it. Do you remember what that advice was?

Bernie Sanders: No.

Jim: You offer all these free things, I said you should offer free ice cream for all.

Sanders: Did I take it?

Jim: No you didn’t. And what happened to you? You didn’t win the nomination.

Sanders: Alright, but I was a little bit late. Ben — you know ben and Jerry’s ice cream?

Jim: Sure.

Sanders: Ben and Jerry are actively involved in my campaign. And, in fact, we just had a ice cream social in Dubuque the other day. You know what we did? Gave away free ice cream. See? I followed your advice.

Jim: I don’t know. It didn’t make its way here.

Sanders: Alright then.

Jim: It should be a national policy, Senator.

Sanders: Well, actually, we are thinking. We’ve been kidding around about making Ben Cohen, the founder of Ben and Jerry’s, our first Secretary of Ice Cream. A pint in every freezer. Do you think that’s going to win me the election?

Jim: It might, might be your best campaign platform yet.

Sanders: [Laughs]

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