One more thing about Max Solomon: He’s a four-time past national champion in power lifting for his weight class of 181 pounds.

“I’m sure you’ve sized up your opponents in a lot of ways in terms of their campaign strategy,” host Jim Niedelman said. “But, I guess have you ever really sized them up in terms of power lifting. Which one of those candidates would you want to power lift directly? And, which one would you not want to power lift?”

Solomon laughed. “Hey, I’ve always said if this were about a competition for who could do the most pushups, oh this would be a win for me hands down.”

“I want to see you power lift Darren Bailey. How about JB? There you go,” said Niedelman, who thanked Solomon for being a good sport.

Hear the conversation in the video.

Response to question of the week

Most of you didn’t take a lightweight approach to our last question of the week. We asked: What do you think about the proposal in Iowa to take $55 million from the General Fund to pay for $10,000 scholarships for kids to go to private school?”

This got a lot of responses.

Dan starts: “I think it’s a great idea! The scholarships need to be handed out based on qualifications, not parents’ finances or race or any other woke reasons!”

Most of the other responses disagree.

Lydia says: “Public money belongs in public schools. Private schools pick and choose their kids and won’t serve everybody. And there’s not the same amount of oversight.”

Don finishes: “I think it sucks. I don’t mind paying taxes for public schools, but detest paying taxes so that kids can go to schools that teaches them that they’re special. If you think these schools are better than public schools, then do something to make public schools better.”

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