There are calls coming from Capitol Hill for more stimulus payments directly to Americans, Democrats in the Illinois state legislature throw a curveball on setting new political districts and Republicans in Iowa sent a controlling message about masks in the pandemic.

All things we’ll talk about this morning with former Rock Island County Republican Party Chair Bill Bloom and former AFSCME Local 46 President Gregg Johnson, a Democrat.


Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds signed new legislation that took a stand against mask mandates.

This law bans local governments and school districts from establishing mask mandates for students and businesses.

Businesses could do it themselves.

States often make the case against federal overreach, arguing for states’ rights.

Bloom and Johnson discussed the case for city government rights, county government rights and school district rights.


Redistricting is a big issue in Illinois and nationally this year.

New political boundaries will be set for congressional districts and more.

Democrats in Illinois have been haggling over that.

There was no indication they would consider establishing new boundaries for the state supreme court until this week when they unveiled a proposal.

Republicans are crying foul.

These things upset the minority party in most states, but this was a surprise.

It hadn’t been done in 50 years in Illinois.

Johnson and Bloom addressed why Democrats weren’t more transparent that changes in this area were in the works.

Stimulus 4

Most Americans have received three direct payments from the federal government in pandemic relief.

A majority of the third round of cash has been paid.

Now, there are calls for yet another round.

Eighty members of Congress signed letters to the president pushing him to support it.

Critics question the need and point to evidence that more than a million payments from the first round never got spent.

Bloom and Johnson talked about when they think we as a country get to the point that this isn’t needed anymore.

Watch the full conversation in the video above.

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