Michael Franken considers climate change an existential issue in this year’s campaign.

His ideas are not extreme.

He also envisions the Quad Cities playing an instrumental role in a green energy economy.

The candidate for U.S. Senate joined us on 4 The Record this week. This is the third part of our conversation.

Climate change

One issue where Franken differentiates himself from most of the other Democrats is on climate.

He supports a carbon tax, as does Cal Woods, on industry emissions.

Franken would use that money to reinvest in green technology at the household level, pursuing strategies to make ethanol more efficient as well.

Franken discussed if he thinks that goes far enough and if he explicitly supports the Green New Deal like some of his opponents.

Water supply

A controversial issue that’s divided some Iowa farmers from environmental activists is the waters of the United States rule, specifically when it comes to disposing waste from animals like hogs into places like rivers.

The Trump administration successfully got the Obama-era rule repealed.

That leaves states with the authority to protect water resources.

Franken addressed if that is adequate to ensure the safety of the water supply.

Question of the week

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