Grassley dodges on Trump’s elimination of pandemic response team

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It is virtually all coronavirus, all the time.​ COVID-19 virus fatigue might be weighing on you, but we will focus on it this morning, specifically the responses at the state and federal levels.​

President Donald Trump signed the coronavirus relief package into law Wednesday.​

It establishes up to two weeks of paid sick time for some workers, increases Medicaid, supports nutrition programs for seniors, food banks, students and SNAP, and gives states more flexibility for unemployment benefits.​

President Trump signed emergency funding legislation earlier worth more than $8 billion.​

That provides money for developing a vaccine, public health departments and small business loans.

A massive stimulus package is next.​ It’s expected to be worth more than $1 trillion.​

There’s talk from the Trump administration it could be as much as $2 trillion.​

Money for big business and Americans, airlines and hotels — both hit hard by the coronavirus — and two direct cash payments to Americans of at least $1,000 each.​

A lot of this brings comparisons to the 2008 and 2009 to financial collapse and the great recession.​

You hear the word bailouts in conversations.​

Some Democrats and Republicans don’t want giveaways without specific conditions.​

I spoke with Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley on Thursday morning about the stimulus.​

Relief and stimulus

The Coronavirus Relief Bill became law on Wednesday.​

The provisions include free coronavirus testing, nutrition benefits and more federal funding for Medicaid.​

Now attention moves to a massive stimulus package in the works.​

It could be $1-2 trillion.​

The stimulus would potentially include bailouts for airlines, the hotel industry and personal payments to get cash in the hands of Americans directly.​

Grassley addressed if he was okay with the bailouts being considered there after the pushback from the bank bailout.​

Pandemic team

Almost two years ago, the Trump administration disbanded the pandemic response team in the National Security Council.​

Watch the video above to see his answer.

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