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It’s a week that brought U.S. tension with Iran rising to levels we haven’t seen since the late 1970s and the American hostage crisis.

The end of the nuclear deal established under the Obama administration now has Iran threatening to expand its weapons program.

Tougher sanctions from the United States hurting that country’s economy could also provoke iran’s leadership to lash out.

Things escalated since the death of an American contactor in Baghdad as well as the attack on the U.S. embassy in Iraq’s capital.

The United States took the next aggressive move when the president gave the order for a drone strike in Iraq that killed Iranian General Qasem Soleimani.

Iran vowed to retaliate after that and did last week.

On Tuesday, Iran launched missile strikes at two bases in Iraq that house American forces.

A defense official told CBS News the United States had warning ahead of time to give troops time to take cover.

No injuries to American or Iraqi forces were reported from those missile strikes.

President Trump went from threatening to target 52 sites in Iran earlier in the week to downplaying the possiblity of war after Iran’s missile strikes, but didn’t let Iran off the hook.

“No American or Iraqi lives were lost because of the precautions taken, the dispersal of forces and an early warning system that worked very well,” Trump said. “I salute the incredible skill and courage of America’s men and women in uniform. For far too long, all the way back to 1979 to be exact, nations have tolerated Iran’s destructive and destabilizing behavior in the Middle East and beyond. Those days are over. Iran has been the leading sponsor of terrorism and their pursuit of nuclear weapons threatens the civilized world. We will never let that happen.”

President Trump also announced more sanctions against Iran.

His decision to launch the drone strike that killed Soleimeni brought the latest partisan divide.

Democrats question the tactic and the justification.

They don’t believe the intellience supports the claim of an imminent threat.

Republicans stand by him.

I had a few minutes to talk with U.S. Senators Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) and Dick Durbin (D-Illinois) about these developments.

Watch the videos above (Grassley) and below (Durbin) for those discussions.

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