Growth of extremely wealthy candidates could alter political landscape

4 The Record

This week’s 4 The Record panel topics include:

+ The Illinois governor’s race could come down to the two wealthiest people on the ballot.

+ Iowans who buy their own health coverage are in a bind.

+ Two outgoing Republican senators aren’t shy when it comes to sharing their misgivings about the president.

All things to talk about this morning with former Scott County Democratic party chair Karl Rhomberg and Andrea Anderson, president of the Land of Lincoln Republican Women.

Illinois politics

Beginning with the Illinois governor’s race, Bruce Rauner brings a huge campaign warchest for his re-election bid. J.B. Pritzker dwarfs his Democratic opponents financially and is filling the airwaves.
It’s hard to believe he can drown out a Kennedy, but he might be able to.

Rhomberg and Anderson discussed if Illinois is at the point where the deepest pockets win and what that says for our political system.

Iowa insurance

This week we saw Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds, along with the state insurance commissioner, withdraw the stopgap health insurance proposal to try to provide more stability on the state’s insurance exchange.

There are 72,000 Iowans impacted by this and left with only one choice, and that company — Medica — plans to raise its premiums by 57 percent.

Anderson and Rhomberg talked about the move’s political ramifications.

Banks and class action lawsuits

This week the U.S. Senate struck down a rule that would let Americans file class action lawsuits against banks, credit card companies and other financial institutions.

It was a 50-50 tie broken by Vice President Mike Pence. That leaves little recourse for the recent Wells Fargo fraudulent charge scheme, the Equifax hacking and — don’t forget — the financial collapse of 2008.

Rhomberg and Anderson discussed how Congress can make the argument it’s putting the interests of Main Street over Wall Street?

Republicans vs. Trump

Two outgoing Republican senators are turning up the heat on President Trump: Bob Corker of Tennessee and Jeff Flake of Arizona, who just this week announced he won’t run again next year.

Corker essentially called the president a liar without using the word, calling him utterly untruthful.

Flake criticized the president for lowering the political discourse.

Anderson and Rhomberg debated whether what they say matters or makes any difference.

Watch the entire panel discussion in the video above.

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