Hickenlooper determined in presidential race & ignoring calls to run for Senate

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Former Colorado governor aware of long odds and defends moderate positions

Iowa’s state fair is in high gear.

It’s always a very popular place during a presidential primary cycle.

Several candidates already made campaign stops there with more to come.

Remember there are the 24 Democrats, men and women who want the keys to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

One of the longer shots in the race brought his campaign to the Quad Cities this week.

He’s former Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper.

He grew up in the Philadelphia suburbs of Pennsylvania.

He graduated from Wesleyan University with bachelor’s and master’s degrees.

He set out as a geologist working for a petroleum company.

He eventually lost his job and went on to start a brewery and made beer. It was one of the first brewpubs in the country.

Hickenlooper parlayed his business connections into a political career.

He became Denver’s mayor in 2003, a job he held until 2011.

He moved from the mayor’s office to Colorado’s governor’s mansion and served two terms there.

He’s one of the more moderate Democrats running for president.

He’s also in one of the worst financial positions.

He finished the last quarter with less than a million dollars in his campaign account.

Hickenlooper is one of three Democrats with executive experience as a governor.

Historically governors do well in this process.

However, none of them seems to be making much headway so far.

I sat down with Hickenlooper earlier this week for an extended conversation.

We started with the political challenges he has to overcome to win the nomination.

All of the Democratic candidates face the tremendous political challenge to become the one who is the nominee.

He openly admits he’s not a great debater.

Hickenlooper discussed how he overcomes that to win.

He’s rejected calls to run for the Senate where you’re likely to get a ton of support from your party.

We asked him, “Why not?” and if it will ever become a possibility.

During the last debate. Hickenlooper was on the stage with Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren.

He and John Delaney went on the attack against them in what highlighted a divide in the Democratic party: Progressives versus moderates.

Hickenlooper discussed how serious that division is and what he says to those critics who say they’re fueling the Republicans.

Watch the full conversation in the video above.

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