We’re back with Illinois state representative candidates Thurgood Brooks, Jeff Deppe and Gregg Johnson.

Illinois state lawmakers adopted some sweeping criminal justice reforms and police funding laws over the last couple of years: Treating cash bail on a case-by-case basis, shifting lower drug crimes to treatment programs, and mandating body cameras by police are some of the criminal justice reforms.

Our panel talks about how cities can attract police officers and what changes to the law they would pursue.

Brooks: “We’ve got to look at the root problem, not the symptoms …. Address the community as a whole, and the crime rate and the policing will work together.”

Deppe: “I don’t believe the vast majority go out there just to commit crimes, just to commit crimes …. they’re hurting. I just don’t buy into this that you’re born a criminal.”

Johnson: “You want to address crime, you need to address poverty. People reach for guns and they commit crimes, more often than not, because they feel like they’re being left behind and they’re forgotten.”

Hear what else they say when you watch the video.

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