We’re well aware of the weather and technical problems that impacted the work of the I-74 bridge.

As if that wasn’t enough, then came the pandemic.

That’s where we pick up my conversation with I-74 Corridor Manager George Ryan.

Ryan discussed how much the pandemic has impacted what he’s been able to do, how many crew members tested positive, how many delays there have been and what steps are being taken to ensure that the job site is as secure as it can be from the coronavirus.

The plan is to get the Iowa-bound portion of the bridge open by the end of the year.

Ryan shared how confident he is that it can still be reached and if everything has to go right or if there is any wiggle room for small setbacks and how long he expects it to take to get the Illinois-bound part of the bridge done.

There is a lot of demolition and construction happening on land in Iowa and Illinois to build a new stretch of interstate that aligns with the bridge.

Ryan talked about how well that is going and what hurdles his team is confronting with that part of the job.

Watch the full conversation in the video above.

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