Illinois Dems’ punt on Madigan hearings could be bad political move

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Democratic Party leaving investigation up to federal prosecutors

Federal authorities blame Russia for a large cyber attack that penetrated the U.S. government — this without a direct response from the president — several Republicans in power still don’t recognize Joe Biden rightfully won the presidency, and Democrats in Illinois shut down the investigative hearings into the bribery scandal surrounding Speaker of the House Michael Madigan.

We talked about that this week on 4 The Record with Scott County Republican Party Chair David Millage and Democratic political consultant Porter McNeil.


Republicans objected to the decision by Democrats in Springfield to shut down the special investigative hearings into the ComEd hiring scandal.

Democrats claim there’s no evidence tying Madigan to the hiring.

Illinois Governor JB Pritzker supported the hearings to give Madigan a chance to testify.

ComEd released 100 e-mail exchanges before Thanksgiving that show dubious interactions with the company.

We all know corruption has plagued Illinois politics for decades.

McNeil and Millage discussed how the Democrats should expect the general public to trust them if they’re not willing to hold these hearings.

President-elect Biden

It took more than a month for Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to recognize Joe Biden will be the next president.

However, several Republicans on Capitol Hill still aren’t accepting the election.

They could still challenge the results in early January when Congress officially certifies them.

Every case has been tossed out of court for a lack of evidence of voter fraud.

Attorney General Bill Barr is leaving before Christmas after saying no election irregularities were found.

The president fired a cyber security chief who called this the most secure election in history.

Democrats didn’t like the election of Donald Trump four years ago, but Hillary Clinton accepted it quickly.

Now a Democratic congressman suggests Nancy Pelosi shouldn’t seat the Republicans who don’t accept the results because they’re subverting the Constitution.

Millage and McNeil addressed what the repercussions might be from this.

Russian cyberattack

U.S. authorities now say several federal agencies were hit by a Russian cyberattack.

Commerce, Homeland Security and the Treasury were among the departments hit.

Investigators still don’t know how much was hit or what information was compromised.

The U.S. didn’t hit back at Russia directly.

The State Department imposed sanctions on Turkey for agreeing to buy Russian missiles.

That will keep billions of dollars from getting to Russia.

One person has been silent since word of the Russian hacking broke: Donald Trump hasn’t said anything.

McNeil and Millage talked about what we should expect from the president after being attacked by our biggest enemy.

Watch the full conversation in the video above.

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