Impact on presidency unclear after Manafort & Cohen convictions

4 The Record

Here are some of the topics covered by our 4 The Record panel this week:

+ This week’s discovery of a murdered University of Iowa student brings new furor to the immigration debate.
+ A proposal from the Environmental Protection Agency would relax the rules for coal pollution.
+ Two former associates of the president join the list of convicted felons with ties to the commander in chief.

All issues that came up for discussion on 4 The Record with former Rock Island Mayor Mark Schwiebert, a Democrat, and former Illinois Congressman Bobby Schilling, a Republican.

Cohen and Manafort

Both Michael Cohen and Paul Manafort convicted of various felonies this week, fraud and conspiracy among them.
Cohen, the president’s former attorney, pleaded guilty in a deal with prosecutors.

A jury verdict decided the guilt of Manafort, the former Trump campaign chair. 

They join the distinguished list of advisers to the president that includes Michael Flynn, George Papadopoulos and Rick Gates who pleaded guilty to different charges in the special counsel investigation of Robert Mueller.

Cohen and Manafort’s convictions are arguably the most significant in terms of their relationships with the president and what they know.

Republicans for the most part continue to stand by Trump.

Schwiebert and Schilling discussed what impact these cases are likely to have on the presidency and the future of the Republican party.

Security clearance

President Trump threatens to take executive action to revoke the security clearance for former U.S. officials who still have it after leaving their positions with the government.

His strongest critics slammed him for stripping that access from former CIA director John Brennan.

Schilling and Schwiebert explained the advantages of having people with long-term security clearance and why people who leave their jobs with the government that provided the access are allowed to keep it.

Coal and the EPA

A proposal from the EPA this week would roll back some regulations established under the Obama administration regarding coal.

It would leave it up to states to set their own emissions standards for coal-fueled power plants.

Critics say it would hurt public health.

Supporters say it would lower the price of electricity.

Schwiebert and Schilling talked about why we do or don’t want uniform federal standards when it comes to something like pollution. 

Politicizing Mollie Tibbetts

An outcome we knew was possible became reality in a story that gripped this region and the country for that matter.

University of Iowa student was found dead in a cornfield about 15 miles away from her hometown of Brooklyn.

It was a little more than a month after she was reported missing.

Police announced the arrest of Cristhian Rivera the same day she was found, saying he confessed and led them to her body.
Investigators indicated he was in the country illegally and had been working on a farm for the last few years.

Republicans quickly pounced on that.

Schilling and Schwiebert discussed the likelihood this would be used as a wedge issue for the midterm elections and what response they expect.

View the full discussion in the video above.

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