Impeachment hearings further entrench political divide

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Uncertain whether public opinion will affect results

The panel addressed several topics on 4 The Record this week.

  • Democrats on Capitol Hill open their public hearings on the impeachment of President Trump.
  • A warning from the Federal Reserve chair for Congress.
  • A presidential candidate questions Iowa’s first in the nation status for the nomination process.

All of these things came up for discussion with former Illinois State Senator Mike Jacobs and Scott County Republican Party Chair David Millage.

Iowa Caucuses

Every four years it seems Iowa’s first in the nation caucus status in the presidential nomination process comes under scrutiny.

It happened last week from democratic candidate Julian Castro.

He argues neither Iowa nor New Hampshire reflect the current demographics of the country.

Both states are mostly white compared to other states that have more diverse populations.

He is Latino and not polling well in Iowa.

This isn’t a new argument.

Jacobs and Millage addressed the likelihood either party will change the schedule and what the impetus would be for it to happen.

National debt

Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell warned lawmakers on Capitol Hill this week.

Powell says the national debt could hurt Congress’ ability to respond if the economy weakens.

He went so far as to call on lawmakers to put the budget on a sustainable path.

The Trump tax cuts were not matched with cuts in spending.

Millage and Jacobs discussed how serious this is likely to be taken on Capitol Hill and if it can be the catalyst to a realistic budget compromise.

Impeachment hearings

Now to the formal impeachment hearings on Capitol Hill.

There was no avoiding them if you turned on your TV during the day starting Wednesday.

Acting U.S. ambassador to Ukraine William Taylor was one of the first witnesses.

He testified about the president’s decision to cut $400 million in aid to Ukraine and he read a text he sent to the president’s ambassador to the European Union about it during an exchange with the Democrat’s prosecutor Daniel Goldman.

Republicans tried to paint him as the Democrats’ star witness in the case.

He felt strongly that pulling support from Ukraine in its fight against Russia didn’t make sense.

It’s hard to make the case he was being partisan.

The Democrats argue the initial freeze on financial aid was to pressure Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden.

Jacobs and Millage weighed how serious what we heard so far from the testimony of Ambassador Taylor and State Department official George Kent is and what kind of influence public opinion will have on the outcome of the impeachment process.

Question of the week

Watch the full conversation in the video above.

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