Iowa House & Senate need to settle differences on absentee restrictions

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House version less severe on limits of secretary of state activity​ ​

Passing the budget is the only requirement from Iowa state lawmakers this legislative session.​

State Representative Gary Mohr highlighted the significant changes expected in the next spending plan.​

That still has its challenges with lower revenue.​

There’s also the matter of the two plans involving absentee voting.​

Our conversation on this week’s 4 The Record happened before the House compromise.

Republicans are promoting what they call a “status quo” budget that maintains spending levels for most agencies except for increases to public education and Medicaid.​

Mohr discussed what areas could still take a hit and where the sticking points are.​

There is an increase in education spending of 2.3 percent for public schools.

That’s $100 million in new money.​

It’s a bigger increase than we’ve seen in years without uncertainty.

Mohr talked about how he thinks the state will be able to pull this off and if he expects a larger deficit.​

​The state senate approved legislation that would prevent what we saw happen in the Iowa primary.​

The secretary of state wouldn’t be allowed to send applications for absentee ballots directly to voters independently.​

​​Iowa just saw record turnout for a primary — most of that from absentee ballots.​

Democracy is supposed to encourage participation.​

Mohr explained why he wants to stop that.​

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