Iowa legislature could let college athletes earn money on image & likeness

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Bill cleared first funnel for Iowa to be second state to legalize it

Tension about immigration policy rises on Capitol Hill, a bill still alive in the Iowa state legislature would make it legal for college athletes to make money and Illinois lawmakers consider a big hike to the estate tax.

We got to all of that this week on 4 The Record with Democratic political consultant Kevin Perkins and former Iowa State Representative David Millage.


We’ll start in Illinois and the push by some Democrats by doubling the estate tax in Illinois.

Supporters say it would raise up to $1.2 billion a year.

The intent would be to allocate the money for the disabled.

This would apply to estates worth at least $4 million.

The tax rate would climb from 4.95 percent to 9.95 percent.

Critics point to Illinois taxes as a reason people are leaving the state.

Democrats don’t like Republican majorities in other states trying to cut taxes lately.

Perkins and Millage addressed if the timing is right to do anything with taxes during the pandemic and what ramifications this legislation would have.


A bill that survived the first funnel in Iowa is Senate File 386.

It would let college athletes earn money, specifically off their name, image, likeness and athletic reputation without penalty.

Iowa would join Florida as the second state to legalize it.

Millage and Perkins discussed if it is time to give student-athletes this freedom and how much this would change the landscape of college athletics.


Controversy surrounding immigration hasn’t subsided from the Trump administration to the Biden administration.

House Republicans went to the border with Mexico in Texas this week to pressure the Biden administration.

A large-scale immigration bill seems unlikely given the partisan divide.

Democrats in Congress might pursue smaller separate measures like providing legal status for migrant farm workers and developing a process that leads to citizenship for people brought to the country as children.

The House actually passed legislation for the latter on Thursday.

Perkins and Millage talked about the chances anything gets done and what it will take to get something done on this issue.

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