We are now only two days away from the election.

Tuesday night we’ll find out who you picked to serve in the U.S. Senate for Illinois and Iowa and the governors of both states.

Congressional races and the state legislatures are up for grabs – Democrats and Republicans looking to control the agenda.

We’ve spent the last few months at 4 The Record bringing as many candidates to you as possible in the high-profile races and contested races for open seats with the candidates addressing the issues face to face.

We did that one more time this week in the Iowa State Senate race for the 47th District. This is the seat being vacated by Republican Roby Smith, who is running for Iowa State Treasurer.

Democrat Mary Kathleen Figaro and Republican Scott Webster are vying for that spot, both spending money with television ads.

Let’s take a closer look at both candidates.

Figaro immigrated from Haiti when she was seven years old, grew up in Montclair, New Jersey and has an Ivy League pedigree.

She earned her bachelor’s degree in French from Princeton University, then got her MD from Yale Medical School and earned a master’s degree from Cornell in epidemiology.

It’s also where she did her medical residency.

She’s been a doctor for 26 years.

Figaro has also been a professor at Vanderbilt and is currently an adjunct professor at St. Ambrose University.

She’s never held elected office before, but raised a lot of money for this race – $375,000 – and spent $233,000 on the campaign so far.

Webster was born and raised in Davenport and Bettendorf.

He’s a product of Bettendorf High School.

Webster makes his living as a businessman.

He owns the construction company Premier Custom Homes as well as the property management company Webster Properties and Quad City Disposal, a waste management company.

Webster is a former president of the Iowa Homebuilders Association.

He currently serves on Bettendorf’s City Council – he’s been an alderman for eight years.

Webster’s been a successful fundraiser in this race at $355,000.

He spent $45,000 on the campaign based on the latest reporting.

Republicans have enjoyed controlling both branches of the state legislature since 2017 and dominate the state senate 32 to 18.

Democrats look at this open seat as a chance to chip away at that advantage.

Both candidates joined 4 The Record this week.

Our topics started with inflation. it is being felt by everyone seemingly everywhere – at the grocery store, the gas station, at restaurants and more.

Figaro and Webster addressed if there is anything that can be done at the state level to provide Iowans some relief and what kind of relief they would try to pursue.

The state is on track to a flat income tax in 2026.

Tax rates will gradually fall until they get to 3.9 percent for everyone at that time.

Iowa enjoys a budget surplus of almost $2 billion.

Webster and Figaro shared what they thought the state should do with that surplus.

Watch the video above to see the full conversation.