Illinois state representative Jeanne Ives knows she has to fight an uphill climb in her quest to defeat Bruce Rauner and become the Republican nominee for governor.

She must overcome her lack of name recognition and campaign money.

Ives also has taken some controversial stands on issues.

That came up during a conversation with her on 4 The Record.

The governor signed laws that approve automatic voter registration and make it easier for transgenders to change their birth certificates.

These also have support among moderates.

“I signed the automatic voter registration law,” Ives said. “I think maybe people would be surprised of that. … It’s a far more secure way to ensure that the voters that are on the voter registration are actually citizens of the state of Illinois.”

But Ives was not as favorable toward the birth certificate law.

“Personally, you know what? There’s two genders. There’s male and female,” Ives said. “There was no need to make this change, especially when it’s dealing with minors and they can just willy nilly change their birth certificate and their gender. … This law, it just makes no sense.”

Ives took some heat over the summer for an editorial she shared on her Facebook page headlined, “Christians must exit government schools.” It was a response to the transgender bathroom issue calling on parents to take their kids out of public schools.

“Nobody cares about this on my personal Facebook page,” Ives said. “It’s not news. Who cares what I post on my personal Facebook post as a repost of a post?”

That editorial was published by the Illinois Family Institute. The Southern Poverty Law Center classifies it as an anti-LGBT hate group.

“The Illinois Family Institute is a remarkable institute and they serve families well in the state of Illinois,” Ives said. “But if you think I’m going to stand here and come up with a defense against something that the Southern Poverty Law Center put out, which themselves should be deemed a hate group, is just nonsense. I thought we came here to talk about economics, because that’s what we should be talking about.”

Ives also discussed how she would be able to unite Republicans and Democrats in Springfield to pass meaningful legislation if elected governor.

Watch the full interview in the video above. 

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