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Jim Snider tasked with righting Rock Island County's finances

Rock Island County's problems in government over the years are self-made.

Only the people who spent decades making decisions regarding spending can be held accountable for the county's financial condition.

There's been a more sincere effort during the last three years to make changes that change the course of the local government.

But it's been snakebitten along the way.

The key move came when the county board decided to hire a county administrator to manage the business operations of the county for the first time.

Dave Ross came in to take on the challenge. He presented a dire picture of Rock Island County's financial state of affairs.
Ross indicated more than 100 people could be laid off or services dropped if voters didn't approve a public safety sales tax.
Well, voters didn't OK the tax and Ross found ways to run as lean an operation as possible.

Then Ross resigned for a job in Stuart, Florida after about only two years on the job.

That left the county back at square one looking to hire county administrator number two.

Several months later, Jim Snider got the job. Snider brings experience in Illinois. He was the administrator for Stephenson County before this.
He cites a total of 21 years in local government management experience. Stephenson County has a $46 million budget and 270 employees.

Rock Island County is larger with $84 million in expenses and 768 employees, while only $77 million in revenue -- a budget deficit.

Rock Island County's finances have always been a sore spot.
Righting the ship will take leadership from the new county administrator.

Snider joined 4 The Record for a conversation this week and discussed that and a lot more.

Watch the full conversation in the video above.

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