John Delaney brings non-traditional ideas to Democratic presidential race

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Universal health care, making social security solvent for 75 years and creating a supplemental retirement savings program are among the domestic programs Democrat John Delaney promises to pursue if he wins his party’s nomination and the White House in 2020.

This is the second part of our interview with the Democratic candidate for president on 4 The Record this week.

Universal health care

We have the Affordable Care Act that Republicans have weakened in some ways.

It does protect the profit motive by maintaining the insurance company system.

Liberals in your party want a Medicare for all program that Bernie Sanders pushed in 2016 that would get rid of the middle man.

Delaney explained his approach and how he would pay for it.

Social security

Protecting social security for another 75 years.

How would Delaney do that?
He discussed that and why policies can’t be put in place to sustain it in perpetuity.


Delaney also talked about his supplemental retirement savings program idea, how it works and where that money come from.


Delaney calls for a half-trillion dollars to establish a national affordable housing program.
We asked him how he justifies that and where that money comes from.
Student loans

Delaney support lowering the interest rates on student loans.

Financial watchdogs warn this could be the next bubble to burst.

Student debt is outrageous.

Interest rates vary.

This seems like a promise Delaney can’t keep and is just pandering, so how can something like this be mandated or enforced? How much would you lower them?

Delaney answers that and more in the full interview above.

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