Julian Castro tackling “bully” immigration policies of President Trump

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Immigration is central issue for Democratic presidential candidate

Julian Castro has made immigration the centerpiece of his campaign.

He’s arguably more outspoken on the issue than any other candidate as he tries to be the first Latino-American ever elected president.

This is the second part of our conversation on 4 The Record.


There is what I would call a “sea of sameness” among the Democratic candidates.

They largely agree on issues like Medicare for All, re-entering the Paris Climate Agreement, tougher gun laws like universal background checks and immigration.

It’s one of Castro’s biggest priorities if not the biggest. I know it’s personal to him as the grandson of immigrants.

The immigration issue seems to unify Republicans more than it does Democrats.

So Castro addressed if this is the right issue politically to make central to his campaign, if it is enough to galvanize his party and how worried he is about being labeled a one-issue candidate.

His plan

Castro came out with his immigration plan that contains some provisions as the package the Senate adopted in 2013 that provided a pathway to citizenship, among other things.

It’s a detailed policy. One big change he would make to immigration law is that you would make crossing the border illegally a civil offense rather than a criminal offense.

Castro explained why that change and what the civil punishment would be.

Agency shift

Castro would split the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency in half, re-assign enforcement and deportation to other agencies like the Department of Justice and focus customs and border protection on drug and human trafficking.

So what’s left for ICE to do? We asked Castro why he wouldn’t eliminate it because it doesn’t seem like he thinks it has value.

Watch the full conversation in the video above.

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