Kamala Harris maintains climate issue can’t be partisan

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Democratic hopeful pushes $10 trillion plan

Kamala Harris has been outspoken on the climate issue long before she ever made it to the Senate.

Her proposal is an ambitious one that would devote trillions of dollars.

But, any democrat will have a very tough time adopting this legislation.

Here’s the third part of my conversation with the presidential candidate on theis week’s 4 The Record.

Climate change

Harris has been a stalwart among progressives on environmental issues going back to her days as a prosecutor.

She proposes a $10 trillion climate plan. In part it would provide $250 billion to ensure clean water for everyone.

It has an ambitious goal of net zero greenhouse emissions by 2030.

She would stop new leases on public land and water for fossil fuel.

It has an end goal of being carbon neutral by 2050.

The Department of Defense identifies climate change as the biggest threat to national security.

Harris discussed how she can enact any of these policies without Democratic majorities in both branches of Congress, how she thinks she can win Republican support and if the filibuster be eliminated.

Foreign policy

A topic in the last debate that Harris didn’t get a lot of time on had to do with foreign policy.

When the issue of Syria and President Trump’s withdrawal of U.S. forces from Kurdish territory came up, she said the winners were Russia, Iran, Syria and ISIS.

Harris talked about what can be done about it now and what her strategy for U.S. military involvement in the Middle East like Afghanistan and Iraq would be.


Harris would achieve a lot of firsts if elected:

  • The first woman president.
  • The first black woman president.
  • The first president in an inter-racial and inter-faith marriage.

Harris discussed how the latter has shaped her personally and politically.

Watch the entire conversation in the video above.

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