Kimberly Graham wants to raise pay for rank & file military​

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Democrat running for US Senate in Iowa says military should never be able to qualify for food stamps

Thanks for clicking on this web extra from my conversation with Kimberly Graham.​

The Democratic candidate running for the U.S. Senate in Iowa has strong opinions on climate and how she matches up with Joni Ernst when it comes to supporting the military.​


Graham’s climate agenda calls for enacting a green manufacturing plan, doing more for rail and green infrastructure.​

She explained how Iowa can take advantage of that.​

Military support

Ernst capitalized on her military career to help her win four years ago.​

One of Graham’s challengers, Michael Franken, spent decades in the Navy and argues he’s got the military record to win.​

Graham addressed what assurances she can make as a candidate that she’s pro-military.​

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