Klobuchar: ‘We can see Iowa from our porch’

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Minnesota senator confident Midwest connection can help her win on caucus night

We are now seven days before the Iowa Caucuses.

It’s the first prize for the Democratic dozen.

Twelve Democrats still in the race.

Latecomers Michael Bloomberg and Deval Patrick haven’t campaigned in Iowa and are focused more on Super Tuesday.

The other ten spent a lot of time in Iowa and expect to see them during this last week.

This morning we focus on the woman on the bottom row all the way to the left.

She’s Senator Amy Klobuchar.

Born and raised in Plymouth, Minnesota.

She graduated from Yale with a bachelor’s degree in political science.

Earned her law degree from the University of Chicago.

She worked as a corporate lawyer and became a partner at a Minnesota law firm where she specialiized in telecommunications regulations.

Amy Klobuchar got into politics in the late ’90s serving two terms as the Hennepin County attorney.

Klobuchar then moved to the national stage winning a seat in the U.S. Senate in 2006.

A job she still holds.

Klobuchar serves on the judiciary, commerce and agriculture committees among others.

Klobuchar’s now largely off the campaign trail to hear the president’s impeachment trial.

I sat down with her when she stopped in Davenport last week.

That morning the Quad City Times endorsed her.

Later the New York Times split its endorsement between her and elizabeth warren.

Klobuchar hopes her Midwest connection delivers a win in Iowa.

That’s where we begin our conversation on 4 The Record.


Her polling numbers gradually increased over this year of campaigning.

That’s a trend you have to like. But, those polls have Klobuchar far from the lead.

Her strongest support is in the Midwest.

Klobuchar discussed how well she has to do in Iowa to sustain her campaign and if it is an all-or-nothing state for her.


Democrats generally have a favorable opinion of Klobuchar, but polling by Business Insider found those same people tend to like seven other candidates as well.

It suggests she doen’t stand out as their top choice.

Klobuchar explained how she would overcome the perception that she’s just OK.

Moderate vs. …

Klobuchar is on the more moderate wing of the Democratic Party.

We’ll get to some of the issues, but we asked her how much this nomination is a fight for the identity of the party and if there is a risk it could wind up being too divisive.

Watch the full conversation in the video above.

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