Iowa will have a complete legislature in place after Tuesday’s special election for the State House 89th District race between Democrat Monica Kurth and Republican Michael Gonzales.

Both candidates appeared together right before the election on 4 the Record.

The Davenport School District’s plight is well known around here. Superintendent Art Tate has gone out on a limb and broken state law to put his district on equal footing as wealthier districts in the state.

Gonzales and Kurth explained what legislation they support to level the playing field for all districts.

There is legislation up for debate in Des Moines that would give local control to districts in most areas, but not their finances.

Kurth and Gonzales responded to that proposal.

Iowa State University and the University of Iowa stand to lose $8 million each in this new round of budget cuts.

The University of Northern Iowa would lose $2 million.

There’s a strong national sentiment that more should be done for higher education and not less.

The two candidates shared their position on the direction the state should be going in higher education spending.