Latest Madigan controversy will test Democratic resilience in Illinois

4 The Record

Here are some of the topics covered by our 4 The Record panel this week.

+ Those high-level talks with North Korea are now a no-go.
+ Illinois’ Speaker of the House finds himself embroiled in a controversy that won’t go away.
+ Iowa’s Democratic primary race for governor takes some twists and turns this week.
All things up for discussion with with Democratic political consultant Kevin Perkins and former Iowa State Representative David Millage on 4 The Record.

Iowa primary

Let’s start with the Democrats in Iowa.

We spoke with Fred Hubbell earlier. He leads in the polls.

His nearest challenger Nate Boulton was forced to give up his bid.

Perkins and Millage discussed how much this works to Hubbell’s advantage and being able to avoid a convention fight and if the Boulton controversy hurts the party at all carrying over into November.

Controversy in Illinois

Illinois Speaker of the House Michael Madigan is taking some heat.

That’s after State Representative Kelly Cassidy claims she was forced to quit her part-time job at the Cook County Sheriff’s Office as retaliation from Madigan.
Cassidy is a fellow Democrat, but also an outspoken critic who called for independent investigators to look into how Madigan’s office treated complaints of sexual harassment.

Madigan has now called for an investigation into the retaliation complaints.
Millage and Perkins talk about how much the investigation and potential outcome could divide and weaken the Democratic party’s control of Illinois or weaken Madigan’s power.

International diplomacy

The Trump administration canceled next month’s summit with North Korea.

President Trump accused dictator Kim Jong Un of acting in bad faith regarding denuclearization. But left open the possibility for talks at a later date.

Until recently, the White House suggested a lot of confidence North Korea would go along with a deal, a country that historically has not cooperated with the west.

Perkins and Millage described how they would classify the Trump administration’s approach and what the implications from this might be.

Watch the full panel discussion in the video above.

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