Local GOP and Dem leaders preach patience on election night

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Returns might not bring immediate winners

A winner in the presidential race on election night might not be realistic and grants to help counties with their election costs are being challenged in court by a conservative group.

We talked about all of it this week on 4 The Record with Iowa Republican Party Chair Jeff Kaufmann and former Scott County Democratic Party Chair Thom Hart.

Scott County sued

Scott County is one of two counties in Iowa being sued in federal court to put a stop to grants intended to help counties run their elections.

Tom Barton of the Quad-City Times reports a conservative group called the Iowa Voters Alliance filed the lawsuit to keep Scott County from using almost $290,000 in grants for this purpose.

Black Hawk County is the other county in Iowa named in the case.

It’s getting almost $270,000.

The Times reports Scott County Auditor Roxanna Moritz would use the money to pay 375 poll workers $15 an hour and properly sanitize polling locations.

The total of the grants nationally is $250 million — money provided by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg.

The non-profit behind it is trying to get the election system up to date.

We know there is a shortage of poll workers nationally. We’ve already seen reports of people in Georgia waiting 10 hours to vote early.

Kaufmann and Hart discussed how this lawsuit support democracy.

Early voting

We are seeing early voting already far surpassing what we saw four years ago.

There will also a significant increase of mail-in absentee ballots.

A lot of them won’t be received and counted by Election Day.

It’s likely we won’t know the winner of the presidential race on November 3.

There is pressure in today’s 24-hour media world for immediacy.

Hart and Kaufmann addressed how acceptable it is if we don’t have a winner that night and for perhaps days or weeks and if it puts at risk that the election will be decided in the courts rather than by the voters.

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