Loebsack confident Congress passes police reform

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Democrats and Republicans disagree on qualified immunity

There’s a lot of debate circulating around Capitol Hill, some of it happening thousands of miles away.

The U.S. Senate is conducting its business in Washington D.C., but the House of Representatives is doing a lot of its work remotely with members of Congress at home.

It’s a wild last year in office for Iowa Congressman Dave Loebsack.

We talked about a number of issues in a conversation on this week’s 4 The Record.

Both branches of Congress are considering what to do about another stimulus package.

Democrats passed a $3 trillion bill in the House last month that would send another round of direct payments to Americans based on income.

Senate Republicans have been reluctant to act so far.

Police reform is now the hot topic for Democrats and Republicans on Capitol Hill.

Each party put forth plans that are significantly different.

They differ on the approach to chokeholds and qualified immunity, for example.

Given these wide differences.

Loebsack discussed why Americans should expect anything different than another stalemate on Capitol Hill on this issue.

There’s a lot of rhetoric about funding police.

Even the Republicans threaten to withhold federal funding for departments that use chokeholds.

There’s the argument to defund the police some activists on the left promote.

Loebsack addressed how much the threat of losing money can force real change.

There’s the argument that police are doing things they never used to because of budget cuts, like dealing with the mentally ill and handling evictions.

Loebsack talked about the idea of taking those responsibilities away and allocating money to agencies that specialize in areas not supposed to be done by police.

Watch the full conversation in the video above.

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