Loebsack supports Trump’s higher stimulus payment

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There’s a chance the fight for Iowa’s Second Congressional race will go on for a while.

That race between Republican Mariannette Miller-Meeks and Democrat Rita Hart was separated by six votes.

Iowa’s Secretary of State certified Miller-Meeks as the winner of the contest to replace Dave Loebsack by that narrow margin.

This week, Hart took her challenge to Congress for it to review the election results and possibly call for a complete recount.

Hart maintains some votes cast legally weren’t counted that should have been.

A complete recount could drag on for months.

This week we saw a wrench get thrown into the latest pandemic relief bill.

It took months for Democrats and Republicans to reach a compromise on a $900 billion package that cleared the Congress.

The bill on the president’s desk hit a snag.

President Trump wasn’t happy with the direct stimulus payments to Americans.

The measure called for $600 payments.

The president says they should be $2,000.

Republicans blocked that this week and House Democrats say they’ll bring it up again Monday, but ultimately Trump signed it Sunday.

This relief package would also extend federal unemployment benefits, rental assistance, 

almost $70 billion to buy and deliver the vaccine for the coronavirus, another $284 billion for the Paycheck Protection Program to go to small businesses.

The New York Times reports it also includes new tax deductions for companies that use this money.

Some critics call that provision a $200 billion gift to the wealthy.

This legislation does not include help for state and local governments struggling with lost revenue during the pandemic.

The president had not signed the bill when this week’s 4 The Record was recorded. Again, that happened late Sunday.

Democrats and Republicans gave ground on some of their positions to get this pandemic relief bill through Congress.

Democrats are certain to ask for more in the new year.

That will be a challenge if Republicans hold onto control of the Senate.

We talked about that this week on 4 The Record with Iowa Congressman Dave Loebsack.

Loebsack discussed the likelihood Republicans would go along with $2,000 payments, why state and local governments were left out of this stimulus package and if he thinks another stimulus package is possible in the new year given there’s likely to be a divided government.

Loebsack also addressed why this legislation includes measures to regulate climate policy, protection from surprise medical bills and money for broadband infrastructure that aren’t directly related to the pandemic.

Democrats complained about the Federal Reserve having too much freedom in its lending authority during the pandemic under the Trump administration.

Yet Republicans got their way and gave money to whom they wanted.

Now Republicans are fighting to limit the Fed’s ability under a Biden administration.

Loebsack shared what impact he thinks that will have.

Watch the full conversation in the video above.

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