Madigan could still wield power behind the scenes while no longer Illinois speaker

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Democrats hope fresh face will change Illinois' reputation for corruption

It’s been a historic week in politics on the national and state levels.

Donald Trump gets impeached for a second time, Michael Madigan is gone as Speaker of the House in Illinois and Governor Kim Reynolds lays out her agenda in the Condition of the State address.

All things we talked about this week on 4 The Record with Scott County Democratic Party Chair Elesha Gayman, as well as former Scott County Republican Party Chair David Millage.


Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds has one specific issue she’d like to adopt this legislative session: More tax cuts.

She’s calling on lawmakers to eliminate the conditional revenue triggers so tax cuts can be implemented.

Millage and Gayman weighed how useful those revenue benchmarks are and if there is any reason to think Republicans won’t support her.


Michael Madigan is no longer the Illinois Speaker of the House.

One question I asked Illinois state lawmakers repeatedly the last few years is whether he should keep the job.

It was hard to get a straight answer.

He’s replaced by Chris Welch, the first African-American Speaker in state history.

He’s a Madigan ally.

Gayman and Millage discussed how significant the change is and what the chances are that Madigan will be highly involved behind the scenes.


It was hard to imagine after President Trump’s impeachment acquittal last year that he could possibly be impeached again.

Yet, here we are.

There will not be a Senate trial completed before he leaves office, but it will happen later.

Critics of the president say it’s important to convict to prevent Trump from holding federal office again.

Ten Republicans in the House voted for impeachment.

Millage and Gayman talked about the significance of that Republican crossover and what the chances are enough republicans in the Senate would vote to convict.

Watch the full conversation in the video above.

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