Matson and Gilbraith: head-to-head on affordable housing and the riverfront

4 The Record

Davenport mayoral candidates square off on the issues on '4 the Record'

This is the final part of the discussion we’ve had with incumbent Davenport Mayor Mike Matson and Athena Gilbraith, both on Tuesday’s ballot for Davenport mayor.

“We now need to a better job of alerting people – tenants, landlords, media, city, all of it,” Matson said. “When it gets to a certain point, we need to tell them that, quite frankly, if it doesn’t get better, then there is a potential we’re going to have to close down some places because of health and safety. We need to give people more time.”

“We need to bring affordable housing here,” Gilbraith said. “We have a lot of boutique housing being built right now. But if you look at our wages, those wages do not support boutique housing …. There are so many types of people who live in Davenport who are working two and three jobs who need a stable place to live.”

Hear the rest of the candidates’ perspectives in our final “4 the Record” segment.

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