Age and ability are being called into question about some of the country’s most powerful people, whether it’s Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell freezing on camera for a second time this summer – he’s 81; 80-year-old President Biden’s regular gaffes; or Sen. Diane Feinstein’s recent health problems and confused comments (she’s 90 and the oldest member of Congress.)

Sen. Chuck Grassley is 89 and told FOX News in June he’s not interested if documents accusing Joe Biden of wrongdoing are accurate.

Examples like this have Republican Presidential candidate Nikki Haley calling the Senate “the most privileged nursing home in the country.” She’s pushing for term limits in Congress and competency tests for politicians who are older than 75.

Host Jim Niedelman returns with Democratic political consultant Kevin Perkins and former Iowa State Rep. David Millage, a Republican.

“They didn’t think about limits when the Constitution was drafted 250 years ago because people didn’t live that long,” Millage said. “I think there needs to be an age limit. “

But Perkins doesn’t: “If you want to have someone that is above 80 or 90 or 100 out of office, that is what the vote is for,” Perkins said.

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