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Mayor Klipsch exploring different models to tackle juvenile crime

Davenport leader says Colorado community's methods could be incorporated in QC

Davenport Mayor Frank Klipsch joined 4 The Record this week. Here is the second part of that interview.

Let's talk about the new approach he wants to take to the juvenile crime problem.

Klipsch proposed a summit to get people together and come up with answers.

He talked about how big and wide a net he'll cast for this specific issue.

"This is not 'an' event. It's a series. It's an approach," Klipsch said. "I've already had meetings with some groups of kids in various neighborhoods. We're looking at going into neighborhoods as well, getting groups of people that traditionally wouldn't show up at a large event. ... This is going to be an ongoing process. If somebody doesn't get in the one event, that's just the start. I think it's important that we let everybody participate."

It's one thing to have talks.

It's quite another to see what people put down on paper become something real.

Klipsch talked about how that potential energy can be turned into kinetic energy.

"We're going to be reporting out what we hear," Klipsch said. "So we're looking at doing something over the next couple of weeks to start this process, and in early July have a reporting of, 'Here's what we've heard so far' so people can see that we're not just talking about it. We're hearing things, providing feedback to the community and [asking] what's the next step and the next step. ... The fact is, this far exceeds a city. It's a county. It's a state. It's bi-state. It's neighborhoods. All of those are involved. ... The process of bringing all of those together is going to take time."

Klipsch also discussed looking at what other communities have done across the country, noting that he sent a team to Arapahoe County, Colorado to look at its juvenile assessment center concept.

Watch the entire interview in the video above.

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