McCombie, Halpin focused on veterans and safety of Illinois state workers

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Illinois state representatives Tony McCombie and Mike Halpin joined 4 The Record this week. This is the second part of that interview.

Move over law

It’s been a terrible year for Illinois state troopers.

Three troopers were killed when they got hit by cars while doing their jobs on the side of the road.

A total of 17 have been hit so far.

Illinois’ move over law is known as Scott’s Law.

Representative McCombie is among the sponsors of a bill that would increase the punishment in terms of fines and jail time for people who break it.

McCombie discussed why she thinks this is enough of a deterrent and if there should be a larger umbrella for distracted driving.

Veteran tax credit

Representative Halpin is sponsoring a bill to expand the tax credit for businesses that hire veterans to also make them eligible for the break when they hire the spouses of veterans.

This is House Bill 2332. It could be worth up to $1,200 a year for businesses.

It sounds like a noble idea.

Halpin addressed what kind of an impact this can make and if the state can afford it.

DCFS protections

McCombie also introduced a measure that cleared the judicial criminal committee.

House Bill 1482 toughens the criminal penalty for people who attack DCFS and adult protective service workers.

It puts them on the same playing field as teachers, police officers, firefighters and other emergency workers.

Halpin is one of the early co-sponsors.

It looks like this is on the way to becoming law.

McCombie and Halpin talked about how much of a difference they expect this to make.

Watch the entire conversation in the video above.

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