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Michael Madigan could survive sexual harassment scandal

Analysts don't expect Democrats to oust speaker

Here are some of the topics covered by our 4 The Record panel this week.

+ Russia won't back down from interfering with American democracy.

+ Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan faces what could be the biggest political challenge of his career.

+ Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner plays a delicate balance with his budget proposal this election year.

All things to talk about with Illinois Democratic County Chairs President Doug House and former Illinois Congressman Bobby Schilling, a Republican, during a conversation on 4 The Record.

Illinois budget proposal

Rauner delivered his budget address.

He's taking hits from Democrats, as you'd expect, but also from some fellow Republicans.

Rauner spent the last three years calling for a property tax freeze.

However, his call for school districts and universities to pony up more to pay for pensions could force property tax increases.

The governor outlined a framework that would drop the state income tax by a quarter percent.

This would hardly change the tax increase he viciously opposed last year.
Schilling and House discussed how difficult it is for the governor to walk this political tightrope.

Madigan in trouble?

Let's stay in Illinois.

Madigan fired his long-time aide Kevin Quinn.

That's after a political consultant came forward with sexual harassment claims against Quinn months ago.

Madigan is taking a lot of heat from members of his own party for not acting faster.

There are calls for him to step down as the state's party leader.
House and Schilling agreed Madigan will survive this politically in terms of his leadership position, but will it leave a mark?

Trump's budget

President Trump delivered his proposed budget as well.

It has things Republicans are cheering and Democrats cringing.

Trump's budget calls for spending increases for defense, veterans affairs, a border wall with Mexico, opioid treatment and the National Nuclear Security Administration.

$777 billion for defense alone.

It would cut $550 billion from Medicare and $250 billion from Medicaid.

That's where the defense increase comes from.

It cuts Head Start, food assistance and slashes the EPA by 25 percent among other things.

Remember the president campaigned on a populist agenda to help the working man.

Schilling and House debated how much his budget lives up to that promise.

Russian meddling

Leaders of the country's different intelligence agencies testified before the Senate Intelligence Committee this week.

All of them indicated Russia is still meddling with U.S. democracy and launching cyber attacks.

Congress wants more sanctions against Russia.

That's bipartisan.

But, the president says no.

Joni Ernst has told this program she supports sanctions.

House and Schilling talk about how far Congress should be willing to take this.

Watch the full panel discussion in the video above.

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