We ran out of time on this week’s 4 The Record during our panel discussion about utilizing the 1619 Project to teach slavery in history classes around Iowa.

We also talked about the impact of legal marijuana and the aging members of Congress.

Here’s that part of the conversation.


Recreational marijuana’s been legal in Illinois for a year now.

The state’s Department of Revenue indicates the business brought more than $175 million in tax revenue and it’s on pace to top that this year after collecting more than $30 million from the first month of this year.

There is criticism the law isn’t living up to the promise to provide more licenses to minority communities that paid a high price in the drug war.

Grubbs and Rhomberg discussed what the takeaway is so far from Illinois’ experience.

Aging Congress

Let’s talk about Congress for a moment where the membership is aging.

There are 26 senators who are at least 70 years old. Of those, five are in their 80s.

Over in the House of Representatives, 76 members are 70 or older and 11 are in their 80s.

A large majority of them are Democrats.

Rhomberg and Grubbs addressed if there is a point where lawmakers get so old they become out of touch with society and their constituents and if there should be a mandatory retirement age in Congress.

Watch the full conversation in the video above.

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