Opinions on vaccine incentives divided along party lines

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Several states offering free food, drinks and big cash giveaways

Former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn is recorded on video endorsing a political coup in the United States, the appointment of an interim auditor for Scott County generates some controversy and Illinois gets in on the vaccine incentives game.

All things we talked about on this week’s 4 The Record with Scott County Republican Party Chair Jeanita McNulty and Democratic political consultant Porter McNeil.

Illinois vaccine incentive

An extension of the cocktails to go law includes a provision that lets bars give away alcoholic drinks to customers who’ve been vaccinated against COVID-19.

New York, Delaware, California and Colorado are among those that have offered or will offer big cash prizes for getting vaccinated in a lottery.

And the list goes on.

McNulty and McNeil shared how they feel about the “whatever it takes” approach to get to the 70 percent to 80 percent vaccination threshold.

Scott County Auditor

There are rumblings that politics is creeping into an elected office that needs to be non-partisan.

That’s the Scott County auditor’s office.

Democrat Roxanna Moritz resigned as the top elections official in the county.

She maintains she endured months of attacks and threats before and after the election.

Moritz herself is being investigated by the state auditor over claims of overpaying poll workers.

We all saw Iowa Republicans pass tougher election rules this legislative session.

Then the Republican-controlled Scott County Board appointed Kerri Tompkins, a Republican and former Davenport city council member, to the job.

This was a party-line move.

Now Democrats might try to push for a special election.

McNeil and McNulty addressed what it says that an elected officer felt the need to quit over concerns of personal safety and how we can get beyond this,


Former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn stirred things up last Sunday at a conference organized by QAnon followers.

Someone in the audience asked Flynn why what happened in Myanmar can’t happen here.

That was a military coup.

I watched the recording.

Flynn said: “No reason. It should happen.”

The interpretation is that he supports a coup in the United States.

Flynn has since tried to downplay the remarks, saying there is no reason for a coup in this country.

This week the U.S. Army said it won’t investigate the matter.

Flynn is a free man after being pardoned by President Trump for lying to the FBI.

There is a limit to free speech.

McNulty and McNeil discussed if Flynn should get more scrutiny for this and how dangerous statements like these are.

Watch the full conversation in the video above.

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