Parties divided on Iowa legislation to ban funding for schools that teach 1619 Project about slavery

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Legislation pending in House Education Committee

Legislation is being considered in Iowa that would try to ban schools from teaching a specific perspective on slavery.

We talked about that and more with former Iowa Republican Party Chair Steve Grubbs and former Scott County Democratic Party Chair Karl Rhomberg.

The Iowa bill is called House File 222.

This would take away funding from schools that teach the 1619 Project in history classes.

The project was led by a native of Iowa.

It provides supplemental learning material that focuses on slavery in the United States and how the country built itself on this human rights abuse.

The legislation introduced by Republican Skyler Wheeler cleared a subcommittee and waits for a vote in the full education committee before going to the floor for possible adoption.

Here we are at the end of Black History Month. The Republican Party was founded on the abolition of slavery. Now, the Republican majority could stifle material about a fundamental and disgusting part of American history that it helped defeat.

The famous quote from George Santayana comes to mind: “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

Grubbs and Rhomberg discussed how much this proposal sets the stage for that if Iowa passes it and more states follow suit.

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