Paterakis not afraid to stand up to Michael Madigan if elected governor

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Democratic candidate for Illinois governor, Alex Paterakis, brings youth and political inexperience to the race. His positions on the issues are a blend of liberal and conservative issues.

He faces long odds to win the Democratic primary on March 20th, 2018 as someone who won’t be able to compete financially with some of the bigger names in the race.

Paterakis discussed his approach to some of the issues in Illinois during a conversation on 4 the Record.

House Speaker Mike Madigan is considered the most powerful Democrat in the state. Republicans could argue that any Democrat elected governor would ultimately be Madigan’s puppet.

Paterakis would fight for parts of his agenda that oppose the speaker’s positions like term limits and a property tax freeze.

Paterakis says he would talk to the man and work on ways to find compromise. He says a willingness to compromise has been lost in the Rauner Administration.

Paterakis supports increasing spending on public schools. Everyone says it, but few deliver anything meaningful especially when it comes to poorer districts. He explained how he would do it and pay for it.

It’s impossible to solve Illinois’ budget problem without figuring out how to get a handle on the state’s pension obligations. Paterakis provided his answer that can work for the state, work for unions without taking away benefits and satisfying the State Supreme Court.

He says promises to unions need to be kept and that any changes should only impact new members.

Democrats criticize the governor’s fight with AFSCME and the stalled contract negotiations as part of his continuing effort to weaken labor unions. He wants to be able to impose his terms by having the talks declared at an impasse. That’s being fought in the courts right now.

Paterakis explained that he supports unions and their ability to collectively bargain.

Governor Bruce Rauner insists that the state’s regulations are bad for business. Paterakis maintains he has a pro-business agenda.

Paterakis addressed the policies he supports that would be designed to help businesses thrive in Illinois.

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