Postal service overhaul raises election stakes in mail-in ballot fight

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Almost two dozen postal executives dismissed or reshuffled

A fight over voting by mail continues while there’s a huge overhaul at the postal service that could bring political ramifications, the Democratic National Convention starts today and the Republicans’ turn is next week under the shadow of the pandemic, and Joe Biden picks his runningmate.

All things we’ll talk about this morning with Scott County Democratic Party Chair Elesha Gayman and former Iowa Republican Party Chair Steve Grubbs.

Great to talk with you both again.

VP pick

Kamala Harris got the vice presidential nod from Joe Biden.

She went into the veep-stakes as the favorite.

Some other names seemed to gain momentum in the so-called punditry world.

Harris came out with it in the end.

Gayman discussed the pros and cons does she brings to the ticket, while Grubbs talked about how the Harris choice impacts the Republican strategy and what weaknesses the party will try to focus on in the campaign.


We are now in convention mode for the two parties.

The Democrats go first this week, then it’s the Republicans.

Conventions no longer resemble what they used to be.

Now we’ll have empty venues during the pandemic.

They were already pre-packaged events by the parties.

Now they will be done without any real crowds.

There will be some prime time coverage on the networks.

Grubbs and Gayman addressed how much of an impact they will have this year and if they could become obsolete.


Democrats call it a Friday night massacre at the postal service.

Republicans call it streamlining operations.

This after the postmaster general removed or reassigned 23 postal executives.

Critics say the moves and other cost saving measures are to blame for slower delivery and could have a detrimental impact on the election with the expected increase in mail-in ballots.

Supporters see it as a way to make the post office a profit center for the government.

Gayman and Grubbs discussed what’s more important for the post office — revenue or the service — and why these moves are being made now and not after the election.

Watch the full discussion in the video above.

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