President Trump has no one else to blame if unable to fulfill campaign priorities

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Illinois state lawmakers went back to Springfield. The budget pressure is there. The political will isn’t as clear.

Iowa Republicans can sit back for the next six months and enjoy adopting one of the most conservative agendas the state has ever seen.

And, a hundred days down with 1,360 days left in President Donald Trump’s term.

All of these things came up for discussion with Rock Island County Democratic Party Chair Doug House and former Iowa State Representative David Millage, a Republican, during an appearance on 4 the Record.

Let’s get to the mind numbing fiasco that can only be the Illinois budget and lack thereof. The General Assembly’s back in session.

Speaker of the House Michael Madigan and Governor Bruce Rauner actually spoke with each other briefly.

We’re waiting to see if the stop gap budget passed by the House goes anywhere in the Senate. We’re waiting to see if the Senate will vote on its grand bargain.

Through all of this, there is a growing sentiment Illinois won’t see a budget until after the 2018 election for governor and General Assembly seats.

Millage says he agrees that will happen and that Illinois has been doing this for two years regardless of the consequences.

House blames Governor Bruce Rauner for being unable to produce a workable budget.

Unlike Illinois, Iowa state lawmakers adopted a budget and a lot more after adjourning. Republicans will enjoy a long victory lap after the session where they controlled both branches of the legislature and the governor’s mansion.

To borrow a sports analogy, they took the ball and ran with it.

Republicans adopted new abortion restrictions, caps on malpractice claims, worker’s compensation limits, weakened the collective bargaining abilities of unions, expanded gun rights that included a stand your ground provision, lifted regulations on fireworks and leveled the playing field for small distilleries.

They fell short in adopting a water quality measure the governor wanted, did not change the student funding formula and did not give school districts like Davenport the ability to dip into their reserves legally.

Democrats found themselves fuming during most of the session.

Millage called in a great session that will be good for Iowans for years. He believes Republicans can top it next year with tax cuts.

House believes Republicans acted irresponsibly and instituted policies that could hurt a lot of Iowans.

President Donald Trump reached the 100 day milestone in office. That only means he has 1,361 days left in this term.

Of course, 100 days has become one of those measuring sticks we like to use on new presidents.

We can blame President Franklin Delano Roosevelt for that. He took office in the height of the Great Depression and he signed 76 bills into law. Of those, 15 were major pieces of legislation.

On the flip side, President Donald Trump has signed 28 pieces of legislation. None is considered major. There has been no repeal of the Affordable Care Act as promised on day one, no border wall funding and no infrastructure bill.

We saw a basic outline of a tax cut proposal, but that’s far from a tax reform measure and not close to being put in legislative language.

He did get his Supreme Court nominee confirmed.

The president has demonstrated a fondness for executive orders… It’s something he bashed his predecessor for as an abuse of power.

Well, President Trump has signed 30 executive orders in his first 100 days according to the White House. That’s more than each of the last three presidents.

The president said during an interview that a major conflict is possible with North Korea. Hundreds of key federal jobs have not been filled. A lot of those in the State Department.

Millage and House agree it is important for the president to  accomplish one of his big campaign promises or the outlook for his administration doesn’t look good, especially in the 2018 midterm elections. Millage is confident tax cuts and infrastructure measures will be approved.

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