Presidential candidate Swalwell indicates House on path toward impeachment

4 The Record

Congressman Eric Swalwell has been on Capitol Hill for a little more than six years and already serves on the powerful judiciary and intelligence committees.
The latter has been very aggressive in its approach to the Russia investigation and President Trump.
This is the second part of our conversation with Swalwell on 4 The Record.

You are one of two candidates in this race who serve on one of the intelligence committees in Congress. Kamala Harris serves on the Senate intelligence committee.
Robert Mueller spent two years investigating Russian interference in the last election and the president’s potential connection to it.

Swalwell has heard and seen information the rest of the American public hasn’t.

So how much is there that we don’t know about? Swalwell shared what he could.

The Mueller report found the president didn’t conspire with Russia.
Swalwell has taken heat for insinuating if not stating that President Trump is a Russian asset.

Swalwell dicussed whether the intelligence committees will get an unredacted version of the Mueller report, why he said it, what evidence supports it and if he thinks it is that a dangerous thing to say,
Swalwell also responded to former Congressman Trey Gowdy saying his position should scare the American public if you’re elected president and if Speaker Pelosi is giving the candidates political cover to say what they want while not exposing the risk by holding off on letting an impeachment happen.

Watch the full conversation in the video above.

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