Presidential candidate Williamson running on revolution of consciousness

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It’s a virtual who’s who of men and women running for president in the Democratic Party.

Congressman Eric Swalwell joined the mix this week. That brings the number to 18.

Two’s company and three’s a crowd. So what do you do with 18?
I say add three more to see if they can all fit into a Volkswagen Beetle to break the current Guinness World Record of 20.

This morning we’re focused on the woman at the top left corner of this group.

She’s one of the who’s who that will make you ask — who???
She’s Marianne Williamson.
Raised in Houston and studied at Pomona College in California for two years and dropped out of school before earning a degree.

She’s a lecturer, political activist and an author of 13 books.

Williamson ran for Congress in California as an independent in 2014 and lost.

She’s the founder of Project Angel Food, a volunteer food delivery program that serves people with AIDS and other life-threatening conditions who can’t leave home.

She also co-founded the Peace Alliance, a nonprofit grassroots organization dedicated to projects that work for peace. 

Williamson is arguably one of the longest shots in the race.

That isn’t stopping her.

In fact, she just moved to Iowa.

She’s widely considered a self-help guru delivering lectures on “a course in miracles.”

Don’t let the fact that she’s a college dropout fool you.

She is bright and well-versed on a wide range of issues.

We had a long conversation about her approach earlier this week on 4 The Record.

It started with her lack of political experience and why she thinks she can do the job.


Williamson has a background different than everybody else in this race: A prolific author and the founder of Project Angel Food — significant accomplishments.

She explained why this qualifies her to be president and how effective she can be as a complete outsider without any experience in government.


Williamson hasn’t filed her quarterly fundraising report with the federal election report yet.
She told us how she is doing on that front and what she expects the number to be. 

New revolution    

Twenty years ago Williamson wrote the book, “Healing the Soul of America,” and she followed that up more recently with “Politics of Love: A Handbook for a New American Revolution.”

She told us what needs to be healed and what she prescribes for this revolution she wants to see.


Some factors behind the divisions Williamson describes her party blames on the influence of money and corporations.

She makes the argument that democracy is at risk because of this.
Williamson talked about how she approaches changing that as president specifically through legislation.

Watch the full conversation in the video above.

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