Presidential election: Democratic process will win in the end

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Dem and GOP activists trust the system

This year’s election stands out for a lot of reasons.

Hostile campaigning, record early turnout and some surprising results to name a few.

We will go over some high-profile races and examine the implications of the outcomes.

No race bigger than the president of the United States.

When we recorded 4 The Record on Friday, we didn’t have an official winner based on the electoral college.

Joe Biden was declared the winner by multiple outlets — including The Associated Press — on Saturday..

Donald Trump’s campaign is already filing legal challenges in some states.

In Iowa, Senator Joni Ernst comfortably won a second term over Democratic challenger Theresa Greenfield.

Polls varied widely for this race in recent weeks.

Ernst secured almost 52 percent of the vote — far from a mandate.

One race too close to call is the one to replace Democrat Dave Loebsack in Congress, who is leaving after this term.

Democrat Rita Hart now has a 162-vote lead over Republican Mariannette Miller-Meeks after the totals were updated after Election Day. Miller-Meeks had the lead Tuesday night.

Ballots received by Monday will be counted if they were postmarked before Election Day.

Illinois’ constitutional amendment to change the state’s income tax system from a flat tax rate to a graduated rate failed overwhelmingly.

It needed support from at least 60 percent. It didn’t even get a simple majority.

So many implications and challenges emerge from the election.

The direction of the country, Iowa and Illinois to be determined for this still very divided citizenry.

We’ll talk about a lot of it this morning with former Iowa Republican Party Chair Steve Grubbs and Democratic political consultant Porter McNeil.

In some ways it seems like the election might never end.

Donald Trump planted seeds months ago that the election would be rigged if he lost. But not if he won.

Now court fights loom that could decide the presidency.

Grubbs and McNeil discussed what kind of fallout we should expect if this comes down to the courts perhaps overturning the will of the people.

In Congress, Democrats will still control the House of Representatives. It’s trending that Republicans will hold on to the Senate.

That sets the stage for more stalemates.

McNeil and Grubbs talked about what they expect for issues like pandemic relief, health care and immigration.

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