Presidential hopeful Buttigieg wants to overhaul Supreme Court

4 The Record

Mayor Pete Buttigieg doesn’t propose a bold social agenda like other Democrats in the presidential race. He supports a lot of the ideas, but won’t go as far as some of his fellow candidates.

His priority is making structural changes to the democracy.

This is the second part of our conversation on 4 The Record.

He’s somewhat of a policy wonk and has said the current democracy is warped.

That has him placing democratic reforms as his priority if elected:

+ To overturn Citizens United
+ Get rid of the electoral college
+ Create a more de-politicized Supreme Court

Buttigieg discussed if he would pursue constitutional amendments on all of these, if he supports a straight popular vote instead of the electoral college and how  he accomplishes what he wants for the Supreme Court.

It’s hard to differentiate Buttigieg’s policies among the other Democrats in the race: Immigration, universal background checks for buying guns, climate change and health care.
Buttigieg distinguishes himself somewhat on health care. He supports a single-payer Medicare-for-all-type system.

However, He prefers starting with an all-payer rate system that would keep private insurance companies.

We asked Buttigieg if his Democratic colleagues will say this only continues inequities in health care and if he supports free public college for all.

Watch the video above for the full interview.

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