Pritzker climate order effectiveness questioned

4 The Record

Here are some of the topics our panel discussed on 4 The Record this week.

+ Rising questions of security surfaced because of the government shutdown. 

+ Iowa’s controversial fetal heartbeat anti-abortion law hits a setback.

+ Illinois’ new governor commits his state to climate change.

All of that came up for discussion on 4 The Record with Scott County Democratic Party Central Committee member Tracy Leone and Rock Island County Republican Party Chair Drue Mielke.


Let’s start with Illinois and Governor JB Pritzker’s executive order to join the U.S. Climate Alliance.
It commits Illinois to the terms of the Paris Climate Agreement and reduce carbon emissions.

Iowa is not part of this despite the state’s own commitment to renewable energy.

Leone and Mielke discussed what impact this executive order has and how important it is to be followed by actual legislation to enforce the commitment.

‘Fetal heartbeat’ law

A Polk County district judge struck down the controversial “fetal heartbeat” law adopted last year, calling the abortion restrictions unconstitutional.

We all knew this would play out in the courts.

Governor Kim Reynolds says there’s no decision yet whether her legal team will appeal.
Republicans hope to see it get a hearing from the conservative-leaning United States Supreme Court.

Mielke and Leone talked about the issue as a motivating factor to get voters to the polls and what the political implications are to the parties.

Trump’s ban

One example of the conservative leanings of the Supreme Court came this week when the justices issued an order that lets President Trump’s ban on transgender Americans in the military take effect — at least temporarily.

The president tried to use a financial argument to support his position based on the medical care needed for transgender service members. But a defense department study shows the military spends ten times that on treating erectile dysfunction.

The argument should really be about the impact on national security.

Leone and Mielke discussed how much the miltary is helped or hurt if this ban becomes permanent. 

Government shutdown

At the time 4 The Record was recorded, we were still dealing with the partial government shutdown.

Mielke and Leone talked about the risks to the American people if the shutdown continued.

Watch the full video above.

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